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Why Is It Harder For Women To Lose Weight After 40

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Burning fat was no problem before 40.

I could eat anything at anytime of day and never gained too much weight or if I did I could burn it off effortlessly.

What happened to my body?

Your metabolism slows down after 40 (sometimes 30) and it seems that it has taken a big drop.

The fact that you are losing muscle fat is no help because now you are not able to burn fat off like you did once before.

Help Me!

Don’t panic!

Sometimes, it could be simple as doing exercise to start your metabolism to build up speed!

Eating the right foods can also play a vital role in you keeping and maintaining the weight you want.

How do I change my eating habits without it being a boring task?

The way you feel about food is important to your daily living and diet plan.

Here are some tips to give you balance to the mind-food balance.

1.  Paying attention to your eating habits.  Do you eat out of boredom, restlessness or anxiety?  Learn to eat because you are really hungry and not for other reasons.

2.  Prepare your food for the week.  Shop for healthier foods and not snacks, sodas, sugar, process foods and other choices that will not do your body any good.

3.  Take time to prepare your meals.  Make sure your meals looks appealing.  If you are eating foods that are good for you but they don’t satisfy your mind you may stray off and start eating other gratifying foods that will not meet your end goals of losing or maintaining your weight.

4.  Take time to understand the benefits of the foods you eat.  What are their nutritional value?  How does it help your body to lose weight?  What organs or muscles do particular foods or supplements help?  When you have a deeper understanding of what certain foods does for you you become more appreciative and want to consume them.

5.  Clean your cabinets of sugars, snacks, foods that are simply unhelpful to you in meeting your goals of losing or maintaining your weight.  Emotional eating is a bad habit to form or keep.  Find other ways to release anxieties such as walking or other physical fitness activities.

Will power comes for a conscious and subconscious way of looking at why and how you are doing a thing.

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