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Creating Your Own Online Marketing System



The Internet has made it a lot easier for people to make a start in business, it is still worth making sure that you maximize your potential as a businessperson by having all of the possible tools you could need to get things up and running.

In order to start, you need comparatively little compared with a bricks and mortar business.

A computer and an Internet connection are obviously the base minimum.

Getting Traffic Is Easy


Choose one way of generating traffic and master it.

Once done you’ll never have to worry about traffic generation ever again.

You’ll be able to send it wherever you want, whenever you like.

Best Practice Of Getting Traffic

You need a really good capture page.

Capture pages are the pages that ask for your information in return for some free info product.Whether it be a top secret newsletter or a free PDF, otherwise known as opt in bait.

Capture pages can be created very easily, there’s books, articles, software and WordPress plugins that will help you.

Irresistible Offer

Offer an irresistible piece of opt in bait that lures visitors onto your list.

You can actually setup your capture page with Google Analytics.

So you can see what percentage of visitors opt in, then you can tweak and make small changes for better conversions.

The other option is a blog post where you are “giving valuable information”.

At the end of the article you give someone the chance to move forward with you.

This can be done by telling them to click on an offer or fill in a form to receive “the next step” in the recruiting or sales process.

Now you’ve got your traffic, opt in bait and capture page up, you need to design a cool thank you page.

Thank you pages are the first thing subscribers see after they opt in.

If you’re giving away a free webinar as opt in bait, you could take them to the webinar page right away.

A better way of doing it…

Do a self-video with you talking thanking them for joining your list.

Let them know to check their email, confirm and I’m going to send opt in bait x right to your inbox…

Keep it short. We’ll talk soon.

The key is to put yourself on your thank you page.

In your autoresponder sequence, have the first email go out which is your welcome email.

In your welcome email, first give away your opt in bait.

Then talk about yourself a little, who you are, why you love online network marketing and how you’re going to help subscriber x advance in their business.

Setup an autoresponder series feeding your subscribers with totally free content.

Make sure to put in links to blog posts, YouTube videos and general articles.

Or just write long emails packed with helpful information.

After doing that for a week or two, drop P.S. lines at the bottom of your emails linking to another funnel.

That funnel should heavily promote a product or service.

A low ticket, $25-$100/month or one time payment product or service that can put money in your pocket immediately.

Do not promote your opportunity up front.

Doing that will get you instantly rejected.

Offer a helpful information product that’s under $100 that will genuinely help your subscribers build their businesses.

This will create an instant cash flow without recruiting while also putting your subscribers into a buying state of mind.

When they’ve taken out their credit card once from your recommendation, they’ll likely do it again.

Just as long as the info product is not awful.

MLM Marketing, Internet Marketing and selling in general is all about making people take baby steps.

First you lure them onto your list, then you feed them with high quality information.

Then you sell them a piece of information that they love and are happy to pay for. 

Then you feed them with more solid information and then you feed them YOUR OPPORTUNITY.

If you feed them your opportunity to soon without all the other stuff, you’ll be ruined… And if you replace the info product with your opportunity, some will buy into it.

The majority won’t, and that means they will NEVER purchase anything from you.

Your end goal should be getting them into your primary business.

Recommending an info product before hand, won’t damage your chances of inviting them in your primary business.

Your chances will increase of them taking a look and joining your primary business if you take the above steps.

So after making the sale of your info product, time to move onto your primary business.

It is often helpful to separate your generic subscribers onto another email list that heavily promotes an info product, remember that!

It will be easier to on promoting the info product for a couple of weeks while keeping your subscribers on your main list.

You can directly promote the info product in emails to your core list after they’ve been on it for over 2 weeks.

It’s now time to expose your subscribers to your primary opportunity.

Primary Opportunity

The best way to do this is through webinars.

Record them once, show them forever.

So record it and  then stick it on a page you can send subscribers to.

Once it’s up just send out promotional emails now and then.

Drop P.S. lines at the bottom of generic emails linking to your presentation.

Make sure you have a strong call to action at the end of your webinar or video presentation with a link to go signup

AND also a link/form to request a call back.

If you make the form/link appear at the of the end of presentation, you’ll only have highly qualified leads to follow up with.

The process of MLM Marketing system is easy

This simple process has the potential to make millions.

Design your own marketing system, have it work for you, outsource your business and exponentially grow your downline.


To sell things at the click of a button you can ask your bank to set up a business account with scope to take electronic payments, or you can open an eBay account.

Using eBay you will be able to auction items or services off to the highest bidder, and receive payments almost instantly through PayPal.

The benefits of having the Internet mean that you can do all of this from a chair just in front of your computer.

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