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What They Don’t Want You To Know About MLM Secrets Of Top Producers




This training today is priceless. a lot of times a little things can make things happen.

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1. why recruiting is the #1 thing u can do to grow the business is recruiting.

It more important than branding, attraction marketing and online marketing

2. Why people do not join and why they join

3. What works in the marketplace right now.

4. how to move people through the process to have 8 out 10 people want to join you with credit cards in hands

5 Reforming your action plan to take these new things to put into your action plan.

At the end of this blog I will give you a daring assignment to sponsor someone this week into your business

What is working NOW in the marketplace now

1. Start with existing relationships and needs base

2. Send your prospects to simple presentation until you yourself is making money

3. Validate the message with 3 way calls….most powerful edification tool to build your business

3 way calls can be done by anyone other than you….connect your prospect who is like them in the company you are in…..that will give you power to sponsor people from any area in

4. Close your new distributor…..send them to a live event if they need further proof… event to send them to is how you met them…if you met them on the internet send them to a live hangout….if you met them on phone send them to a live tele-conference call….home meeting…send them to a home meeting

5. Send them to someone who is making money presently.

If you don’t have a system in place….someone in your team who is making money….don’t get in the way of your prospect if you are not making money.

The stuff that work long ago work today…..the technology may have change but the core or fundamental way of sponsoring people are the same….there are advance strategies but there are incredible new ways of running your business bringing people in today without chasing them in the mall

What will make all this work:

-Do you have enough highly quality relationships

-Do not start relationship deficient….the quality of your relationships will determine your recruiting results.

If you hang around broke people you may need to develop new relationships for example.

-You need to have a plan to be able to recruit.

Make an action plan on how you are going to go out into the marketplace;

- how you are going to build new quality relationships

-how to expose them  and control when you would tell them about the business

-Develop or find out from your up-line about live events to bring my prospects through

-Online I found a way to build trusted relationship.

My blogs are responsible for me building relationship with people who like to read my blogs

3 things you need to do this business

1. Immediate or now strategy..

2. .Get in the game and sponsor people right now is the short term

2. Long term -build unbelievable prospect of new people

You need step by step increasing exposure before you start going out prospecting

-Use opt in website,

-Opportunity company training series,

-When they opt-in to learn about network marketing- by the time my prospect talk to me they are ready to join me in my inner circle

Newbies make the mistake in thinking they need to create their own sales funnel or website etc

You do not have to have your own sales funnel, website or system.. Leverage the credibility of others to get started.

Start with the resources and skills that you already have at hand.

MLSP is a great system to supply you with what you need to build your business

Your assignment -take sometime to make an action plan to bring people into your business.

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Wheels of Production in Network Marketing and why sponsoring is important

Network marketing we make money from 3 things to make money from:

1. selling products and getting customers
2. recruiting marketers
3. Duplication in our teams

In affiliate marketing you may make money from doing your own eBooks and selling products.

Out of these 3 things that drive all things of production at one time and that is recruit…one recruit can turn into 60,000 recruits

Why people don’t join

-don’t join because you are a guru

- best product, price, comp plan, you are ninja at closing, because they like the business you are in

Why people join core motivators

If these motivators are met there are always exceptions

-they like you,

-trust you,

-believe they can do it,

-they got some type of need or want or goal thy will get from it

-they believe it will work

Gurus fulfill these 5 motivators

You have to have a business trust with people.

If you have not have success in business your prospect will not trust you in business

Sponsoring Cycle

How to get people to join

-Find a need want or goal by asking open questions
-Social validation make people feel they can do it
-Send people to a third party presentation
-Sponsor new distributors
-Then you begin again

If you have problems with sponsoring it is likely due to you do not have trusted relationship

Trust is the foundation of network marketing

Power of triangle is how you overcome with people you do not yet have trust relationship

What is power of triangle?



-And you

3 way calls

3rd party presentation video
Introduce prospect to an expert they can trust
You edify the expert your prospect will listen

Power of edifying an expert

Your prospect will listen to the expert and they will place the credibility back on you.

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