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What If Everyday Felt Like A Vacation

What are your goals and plans? 

You must have goals and plans to make $$millions.  

Yes, there are a few who stumble upon “good luck” or those who are left a big inheritance; you still need a plan to keep your millions. 

I want to lay out a formula to make everyday feel like a paycation

Here Is A Formula For Your Success 


1. Production part –  teach you how to bring people in to fill your  funnel

2. Team building 8 steps core –  a foundation to build your building blocks for your business

3. Personal growth for you- continual learning to gain further knowledge how to grow and maintain your business

4. Vision aspect –  need to get clear vision  on what you really want and where you want to go in your business

Simple formula

1.  Bring in 2 new people a day -front end customer or affiliate to buy blog or join affiliate program

2.  Follow the eight core steps-  design to build your business- next part design it

I have given you the formula and now you must learn the strategy to apply it.

The formula without the knowledge to execute it will not help you to achieve the success you want in your business.

Once you learn the formula and how to execute it you can apply it to any business and achieve success; it is just that simple.

Team Building Formula Module 1: The Vision

Recruiting and sponsoring people is just the first step. Once you do this, there may still be many problems that you will potentially face. In fact, some of these challenges may include:

• Your team hitting a plateau and failing to continue growing.
• Your team falling apart once you have created it.
• Not getting the desired results, despite the fact that your team is working hard and doing everything that it is supposed to.
• One of your main leaders deciding to leave the team.
• Not having enough time to take care of the real issues, and instead being focused on the small things that take up way too much time.

These challenges are frustrating and they are debilitating. They get in the way and they can prevent you from having complete freedom within your career. However, keep in mind that you are not the only person that is dealing with these issues. They are common and widespread, and everyone faces them at some point. With our modules, you can successfully overcome them in no time.

Team Building Formula Module 2: Building Business Blocks

Start by understanding the dynamic of a team system.

• It is very important that you are able to tell the difference between a person that should be active in the founding of a team system, and a person that shouldn’t.
• You will also eventually have the tools to duplicate your team. You can achieve this by creating successful systems that allow you to recreate what you have done in the past.
• These same systems should also enable your team to both grow and continue its success.

Understanding How Duplication Works.

• To put a seemingly complicated subject in simple terms, duplication is merely your team being able to make sales without you being present.
• However, duplication also consists of making systems that cause the people that you make sales with to then resell the product on their own.

Your Beliefs Also Affect Your Actions

• Our modules will help individuals to change their beliefs on the inside, which will in turn affect them on the outside.
• A change in belief directly results in a change in actions.

Develop Your Own Vision

• It is pivotal that you have your own personal vision, and that other people find this vision to be appealing.
• Selling a company, service, or product is simply the act of selling your underlying vision. This vision is what is going to keep people around, and it is what is going to attract people in the first place.

Hone Your Motivation

• You need to have a deep motivation that is internal. It cannot just disappear at anytime, or dissipate. If it does, you won’t be able to successfully continue building teams.

TBF Module 3: The Principles of Team Building

How Duplicating Works

• Incorporate stories into your teachings, and you will catch people’s attention.
• Using certain online portals, such as Google Hangout or another interactive system will help to establish your authority and allow you to interact with potential customers. It also establishes social authority, which will directly cause people to listen to you.
• No matter what you are doing, you are promoting. Whether you are simply talking to individuals offhandedly about your event, or are advertising online, it is all promotion.
• Every second that you aren’t interacting with someone or promoting, you’re wasting precious time that could have been spent increasing awareness about your product and service.
• If you duplicate a strategy and it takes more time to implement than it did the first time, something is wrong. This is a time trap and this is not something that you want to be stuck in.
• All of the activities that you have new individuals do when they join your business should also directly result in even more new people joining.
• Always make sure that all of your strategies are realistic and sustainable.
• Keep in mind that not everyone is a leader, and that is perfectly okay. People shouldn’t be forced into this position.

TBF Module 4: The Principles of Team Building Cont’d

How Duplicating Works

• The best way to teach others is to have them do the activities with you. Thus, don’t do anything alone. Instead, always do things in groups.
• Always focus on two main things: bringing in new people in order to find out who the leaders are, and using the leaders in order to bring in even more people.
• Keep in mind that the only time that you are actually training people is when you are selling and they are observing. Other than that, the system is what trains people, not you. This is efficient and it is something that just needs to be accepted.

TBF Module 5: The Principles of Team Building

Understanding Momentum

• Although this may seem very straightforward, it is important to know: when you stop something, you will eventually have to start it again. This is inconvenient and a huge waste of time, so you want to avoid stopping things as much as you possibly can.
• Because things always change so easily and quickly, it is important that you build timeless systems that stay up to date despite any of these major changes. You do not want to have to constantly recreate things simply because they are outdated. This is a waste of time, and you will always be forced to start at the beginning if you must do this.
• In order to be as efficient as possible, you need to have one goal in mind and one goal only. This will help you to stay consistent and focused despite any challenges that may come your way.
• Try to excite as many people at the bottom as you possibly can. This will start a fire that will eventually reach the top, and it will prove to be very effective.
• To put it simply, you are the person who determines how much your team is able to grow or not. If you constrain your team’s potential growth levels, you are the reason that they will no longer be able to transform and become more successful. Essentially, if you want your team to grow, you need to grow as well.
• Whenever something bad happens, the best way to solve the situation is to cause a distraction. Do something new and so positive that people will no longer be able to pay attention to what happened beforehand.

TBF Module 6: The Principles of Team Building

Creating a vision and dream

• The new people in your organization are the lifeblood of your organization. Because of this, you want to constantly look for people who will make your organization grow and stay motivated. If the people at the bottom are not excited, the people at the top most definitely will not be.
• If you want to change what your team is doing, you need to change what they believe. Once you change a person’s beliefs, their energy will change as well.
• As a person who is in charge of building a team, you need to focus on building dreams for your fellow team members. This will make them passionate and focused, which will allow the entire team to be more productive in the end.
• No matter what you do, you must make sure that all of your actions are aligned with your team’s overall goal. Even the smallest action can have an impact on your team, and this is something that you must always keep in mind.
• Make sure that your vision is compelling enough for other people to believe in it as well. You believing in your vision is not enough. No matter how great your vision may seem to you, you need other people to believe in and support it as well.
• As your team grows, expands, and becomes more successful, it becomes more powerful. This is great and should be your overall goal.

TBF Module 7: Creating Your Team’s Perfect System

• Make a reasonable schedule: As all team activities should be done in groups, it’s important that you make a schedule that your entire team can keep to. Doing so will allow everyone to stay on track and will make sure that there are no miscommunications or confusion.
• Try to schedule monthly activities: Do something as a team each month. This will help to build skills related to teamwork, and will make sure that everyone continues to stay in touch.
• Incorporate quarterly activities: These are generally national activities and events that you should participate in.

TBF Module 8: Formulas for Solid Team Building

What exactly is team building?

Team building is simply getting your team to work together in a way where everyone is headed in the same direction. Almost always, this same direction should be to make more sales.

Ways to build your organization:

• One of your responses should always be selling.
• The same goes for upselling.
• One of your goals should constantly be promoting.
• If there is an objection, your response should be to promote or sell.
• As always, use story patterns.



How to make your vision become a reality.

Many people will know what they want but do not know how to make what they want become real.

Putting plans, drawing pictures and saying what you want will not help you if you do not know how to make it come into reality.

Saying you want a house and you know you got to have a certain amount of money, apply for a mortgage, insurance, etc but you do not know how or where to get the money you need for the house.

Missing parts of the formula or the inability to apply it is a plan for failure.

Write a plan down in details about your proposed business


How to get customers

Buy products to learn the process

Creating a funnel….what we are doing to bring ppl into the business

30 people a day and send them to your capture page through strategy


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