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TrendWhizz Review

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Welcome!  TrendWhizz is a Revshare Platform!!

If you follow me I spoke about what Revenue Share Platforms are and the benefits of such platforms.

What is Revshare?

Revshare sites might be the easiest way to make money online.  It doesn’t matter what level or experience you have, when you do it right, you are definitely going to earn something.


Revshare sites are sites where the owner distributes the company’s revenues among it’s paid members depending on how they are qualified. Normally, members would be required to purchase advertisement packages commonly known as ad packs to participate in the revenue sharing.

What do you have to do to make money with Revshare sites?

  1. join (do your due diligence before joining any site)
  2. Buy adpacks (some companies allow you to earn adpacks by clicking or viewing ads- it is a slower process but if you are short of money or want to try it before you buy it you might want to consider doing this)

What do you have to spend to take part of Revshare?

You spend what you can afford to lose.  There are risk to these platforms so never spend more than you can afford.  Now, with that said, the more you are able to contribute the more you will get in return.

Is there an earning strategy?

There are many earning strategies and depending on what you want to get out of it you must choose what is best for you.

An example of one strategy is:

  1. The more packs you have the money you will earn
  2. Don’t be hasty to recover your seed money. Once you start withdrawing more than you should to grow, your account will soon dry out.
  3. Have a good withdraw strategy that will ensure your growth in the long run. I normally use the 80 – 20 withdraw plan which is much safer and good for maximum growth.  (once you get to level you want withdraw 80 % and keep 20 % in)


Do I have to recruit?

No.  You do not have to recruit but your earnings can grow exponentially if you do.  Members who recruit, end up making more money than the average typical revshare member.

What are some ways I can recruit for this platform?

Free recruiting methods,

  1. Blogging is .a great way to recruit without talking to people.  Also, you can reach alot of people through blogging if you use social media platforms
  2. YouTube can grow your leads fast and easy if done the right way.
  3. Traffic Exchanges
  4. Safelists, solo lists
  5. Talking to people, etc

What are some more benefits to being a part of Revshare Platforms?

Promote Your Other Opportunities

The traffic packages you purchase from revshares provide you with advertisement credits. These are banner and text ad clicks meant to be used to advertise your income opportunities.

What kind of traffic does revshare generate?

What revshare traffic can do for you:

  1. Generate leads
  2. Increase your blog traffic
  3. Sales and sign ups
  4. Increase your followers, etc.


You can make a lot of money and you can lose money.   Take time to do your research and join a good programs.  Apply what i have discussed above and you should be on the right truck to make a good online residual income.



TrendWhizz is easy to read.  The platform gives you the ability to advertise any opportunity you are promoting.

It currently has over 8000 members and growing.

So that is 8000 more members and their downlines you can put your opportunity in front of.; How great is that?

Earn daily passive income on your Adpacks you purchase.

You can earn up to 2% daily passive income on your adpacks and get free advertisement with the adpacks you purchase.


TrendWhizz | Pointing You Into The Right Direction


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