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Tips To Eating Out While On A Diet

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On vacation or going out to a restaurant to eat, you probably watch your calories very closely.

Tips to eating out while on a diet

1.  Order a salad with your food it helps to make you feel full so you don’t over eat.

2.  Grilled foods are better than fried food.

3.  Enjoy pasta with a tomato based sauces instead of the cream based sauces.)

Tomato based sauces are much lower in fat and calories, and tomato sauce can even be counted as a vegetable!

4.  Substitute sodas for your Iaso Tea which can easily be poured into your water and stir

5.  Drink water

6.  Cut calories by sharing dessert with a friend

7.  A soup can be a great appetizer, as most are low in calories and you fill you up pretty fast.  (cream based soups are higher in fat and calories than other soups)

8.  With baked potato use salsa instead of sour cream, butter, bacon or cheese.  (Salsa is low in calories and provides a healthy alternative with flavor)

More tips :

1.  Stop eating when you are full

2.  Eat less by order two appetizers and a salad as your meal

3.  Baked potatoes always better than french fries

4.  Did you know plain bread and rolls are low in fat and calories?

5.   choose dishes with fruits and vegetable ( Both fruits and vegetables are great sources of dietary fiber as well as many vitamins and minerals).

6.  Don’t deprive yourself of foods you love.

7.  Make sure to do a full detox occasionally to get rid of bad minerals, fat and toxins.

It is possible to enjoy life and enjoy eating out with a sensible balanced diet.


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