Saturday, July 24, 2021

The Secret To Building Your List With Solo Ads


6 Reasons Solo Ads Should Be Part of Your Marketing 

1.  Build a list of like minded networkers quickly

2.  Higher conversion rates of prospective leads

3.  Ability to send out emails to 1000 of new prospective leads who have signed up to receive network marketing emails.

4.   leverage your time and efforts with online marketing and list building.

Why solo ads are effective.

If you don’t have a list of your own yet, why not just email someone else’s list? That’s exactly what a solo ad allows you to do. You pay someone to share your offer (affiliate product, business opportunity, etc.) with a list of buyers and prospects that they have already built. Pretty cool, huh?

What are Solo Ads?

Solo Ads are offers that will go out in an email without anyone else’s offer.

Solo ads ensure that your offer is the only one people will see, which is significantly better than if your offer was grouped with others.

6 tips to making your solo ad marketing more effective.

1. Run Solo Ads With Marketers Within Your Niche

2. Develop A Relationship or Get To Know The Provider Before Ordering A Solo Ad –the kind of offers that look like yours.

3. Make sure your Ad copy stands out

4. The biggest component of your solo ad is the subject line.

4. Make Sure You Are Capturing All The Leads – Make sure that when people click through your ad, they end up on a lead capture page.

5. Monetize Your List –

6. Track Your Stats And Scale Up –

It is a great idea to run monthly solo ad orders in a systematic way that enables you to stay profitable.

Blog daily, create videos and create articles.

Here’s a List of Solo Ad Vendors to Get You Started.

1.  The Air Mails

2.  Smart Safelist


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