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Steep while you sleep!

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Lose 5 lbs In 5 Days! All organic tea. Non-abrasive to your system. Taste delicious infuse it with your favorite fruits. Cleanse your kidney, liver and intestines. Feel energetic, get a restful sleep and have clarity of mind is all a byproduct of sipping this wonderful and amazing tea!

A unique all-natural blend of 9 essential herbs designed to cleanse the upper and lower intestines, ridding the body of  harmful toxins and parasites. Just 8 ounces of this mild tea twice daily can provide you with dramatic results. Find out why some have even called this amazing drink “a miracle” tea.

(1) 16 fluid ounce bottle/thirty-two servings of Iaso® Nutra Burst.

Benefits of Weight Loss

1.  Weight loss

2.  prevents high blood pressure,

3.  heart disease and stroke

Weight loss prevents type 2 diabetes

Both types of diabetes, type one and type two are linked with being overweight.

To those who already have diabetes, regular exercise and losing weight could help in controlling your blood sugar levels as well as the medication you may be currently taking.

Weight loss reduces the pain of osteoarthritis

When you are over weight you run the risk of  knees, hips and lower back would have to exert double, if not triple, effort to carry you through out your walking and moving life.

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