Saturday, July 24, 2021

Snapchat For Artist, Authors And Poets


 Submit your pictures and videos for my Snapchat Channel

Authors and poets- I want to feature you reading or reciting your books and / or poetry on my Snapchat channel.

Yes free promotions.

Send me your pictures or videos to

If you are not on snapchat here is a guide to get started


 Why am I doing this free promotion?

I am an author and poet; and I want to help others to excel in promoting their creativity and gift to the world.

Snapchat Marketing For Authors & Poets

1.  Growing social platform that is not saturated yet by authors & poets

2.  Over 8 billion videos are being downloaded every day by Snapchatters

3.  Pave your way on a social platform that is hungry to see and hear interesting stories

4.  You can personally engage with your fans and potential fans

5.  Tell audience about your event and create geofilters, stickers, drawings and more to add flavor

6.  Promote and sell your books in a creative way (Build your Brand)

If you need assistance to get started email me or add me on Snapchat


To Add Me as one of your friends on Snapchat, Search for me by my Username: -lindahmoses

or if you’re reading this from a mobile device, Click Here to Add Me on Snapchat Now


P.S.  Remember to send me an email of your books and video.   For those authors or poets who send me your best story of why you should be featured on my Snapchat channel I have a special gift for you.   Add me on Snapchat or if you do not know how download this epic free guide download1-1024x464


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