Saturday, July 24, 2021

Quick Tips To Start A Home Jewelry Business

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People will pay a lot of money for one of a kind jewelry.

Places to get great ideas:

1.  Magazines

2.  Trade shows

3.  Friends and family who love jewelry

4.  While doing outside shopping, jewelry stores etc.

Clip jewelry photos that appeal to you, along with price information if available.

Get a notebook and fill it with the pictures.

You’re not going to copy them.

This is just to give you ideas and get your creative juices flowing.

Create your own illustrated how-to book.

There are two easy to learn jewelry making methods to consider: beading and wire sculpting, also know as wire wrapping.

Beading requires little skill other than a good sense of design and the materials are

Wire sculpting or wire wrapping is not that much harder to learn, but since you are dealing with gold, silver and genuine gemstones, the materials cost a bit more. But the markup is much higher.

Take a class at a local Tech college, craft-store who offers classes, books etc..


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