Saturday, July 24, 2021

Product Review

A Real-Time health monitoring and health-enhancer now within reach. Helo is a wristband that can be worn 24/7. It real-time monitors your vitals and provides you with data that can be used to inform your health & lifestyle choices, which in turn, leads to better health and physical condition. Helo LX also comes Germanium & Colored Bands. Unlike similar wearables, Helo is not limited to monitoring and reporting vital data. It has active sensors, minerals, and stones that directly influence your body as they detect emotions, fatigue, sleep quality, exercise, blood pressure, heart rate, and ECG. It helps to monitor: - Blood Pressure - Heart Rate - ECG - Oxygen in the blood - Temperature in the blood - Sleep Cycle - Breath rate - Calories - Steps - Also includes SOS "Panic Button" Future features: - Blood Alcohol Level - Glucose Level - Mosquito Shield
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