Saturday, July 24, 2021

Plan A Fun Camping Trip


Planning a camping trip for you and your family is easy if you know what, where and how to do it.  Let’s go over some basic camping planning to make it easier for you.  Here are some things you may need for your camping.

1.  Choose your destination and consider the weather condition for the time period you want to travel

a.  Find camping ground near tourist destination

b.  Find camping ground in a national park that offers fishing, swimming in a lake, hiking or observing animals and plants

2.  Make sure the tent is large enough for entire family and is durable for weather where you are going

3.  If you have allergies to pollen or anything else you will get in contact with during your camping trip, bring your allergy medication and consider going to a hotel if your allergies are really bad

4.  Bring proper clothing for activity you will be participating in and outdoor weather

Camping can be fun if you use the above as a basic guide.

Happy Camping!





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