Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Online And Offline Strategies You Can Put Into Action For Success



There have been people – many people – who have set up a website for their business and sat back expecting it to become lucrative immediately.

While the Internet has made business a lot easier for the individual with the intellectual capital to make it happen, there is little scope for making money without investing time and effort.

However, compared to setting up a High Street business, the Internet can deliver results for a relatively small outlay on your behalf.

If you are considering offline strategies here are 3 tips you can put into action for success.

  • Drop cards:  These are cards that look like folded money. Order a bunch of drop cards with your info on the back then you just place them in high traffic areas like in a shopping mall or an airport. This is a fun strategy because you can sit back and watch people pick them up.
  • The Drive by: This strategy involves getting some compelling cds about your opportunity and dropping them off at fast food restaurants, grocery stores, toll booths or coffee shops.  Then when you pull up to pay for your coffee or the toll or whatever you ask to pay for the person behind you. After you’ve paid for everything you politely ask the teller to hand your CD to the person behind you. Now you have a person who’s happy to receive your information and hey they might even join your business.
  • Bandit signs: One of the things that you can invest your money in are some simple 24”x18” signs that say something like, “Learn How To Make 10k a Month From Anywhere! Don’t Believe It? Don’t Call! 1-(XXX) XXX-XXXX”. Then you can put the inexpensive signs in some cool spots or in a places that a bandit would put them. Just make sure you check the restrictions in your town for placing such advertising (we don’t want anyone having run-ins with the law). Personally I’ve seen a bandit sign in my town that’s been up for 3 months and it’s on a major street.


An advertising budget makes things easier – no-one would ever deny that – but it is certainly not essential.

A bit of time and awareness will also bear results.

The Internet is crawling with forums and message boards.

For just about any topic of conversation you can imagine, there will be at least a few message boards on the Internet, each slightly different in the way they look at the subject.

Certainly, there will be a message board that discusses things that have a connection with your business.

By registering on these forums, you can make your business known to a receptive audience.

Many forums have anti-spam measures that prevent you from posting irrelevant content or linking without context, but there are no reasons why you cannot link to your business in the signature box that most allow beneath posts.

Depending on the nature of your business, the possibilities for promotion on the Internet are many and varied, and they make for a real opportunity to drive your business forward, usually at no extra cost to yourself.


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