Saturday, July 24, 2021

OMG! Do you recognize this person

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OMG! Do you recognize this person❓
You went from being so confident to having no confidence after working on job that asked for so much and gave so little back…
You were kicked when you were at your lowest…
You gave a percentage of your money and was told you were going to get so much back for giving but all it left you was broke…
You helped others to build there biz while struggling in your own…
Listen to recordings, watched webinars, bought products that stayed in your closet for years unable to resell it…
Oh! You had friends who would use the product for free but had no income to buy it from you…you never blame them because you knew it to be true. You didn’t know how to target the right people who wanted to buy what you had to sell
Stop sulking and Sh**
Get up off your a** and grab the opportunity that is before you now…
Why❓ Because now you have learned from all the heartaches, struggles, free products you gave away, people talking about you all made you smarter, stronger, intense, wiser.
You know now what you want and how to get get it!

Five Strategies For A Successful Home Business
1. Vision
2. Relevant Product
3. Target Market
4. Timing
5. Mindset

**You must have a clear vision. Without a vision or idea you don’t know where to start or where you are going.
**The product you are pushing must be relevant or something the people want.
**You must know what your target market want and who they are before you can put the product before them.
**The timing of executing your plan or product must be right.
**Last but not least your mindset must be in the right place before you begin. Having a determination to succeed no matter what. Learning how to treat the No’s you get like a yes wil encourage you to keep going.
I want to invite you to be a part of a great opportunity that will change your lifestyle Today and enhance your family lifestyle! Say yes!!


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