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Management for Premenstrual and Post-Menstrual Syndrome

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Management for Premenstrual Syndrome

There are a few notable systems of PMS which are:

1.  Headaches
2.  Mood swings
3.  Cramps
4.  Bloating
There is said to be up to 150 PMS symptoms that can be associated with PMS.

The above are hormonal changes that usually occur before a woman monthly cycle sometimes refer to as a “period”.

Some of the above symptoms have been know to occur after the woman’s cycle has ended for a short period of time.

The exact causes of PMS are still the subject of research.

There are ways to help manage the symptoms of PMS.  (These methods may not work for all women)

Mental and emotional symptoms of PMS may include the following:

  • forgetfulness
  • anger
  • depression
  • crying spells
  • irritability
  • concentrating difficulties
  • confusion

There are many over the counter medicine that some women take such as Aspirin, water pills, or hormonal therapy are some of the treatments available for PMS.

The above remedies help some women for a short period of time or may ease the discomfort a little.

Doing regular exercise, proper nutrition, and sufficient sleep may help to alleviate some pain and discomfort that PMS brings.

Exercise helps boost the metabolism and improve circulation.

Once the blood circulates properly, it carries sufficient oxygen and nutrients to the cells more effectively and efficiently.

Beware that during this time of month too much exercise can sometime aggravate PMS symptoms.

A healthy food diet is important.

Vitamins and supplements like vitamin B6 and calcium may also aid in the reduction of PMS symptoms.

Eliminating or lessening the intake of alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar, salt, and animal fats may also help.

Get plenty of rest or sleep during this time.

Being stressed out or sleep deprived may elevate many PMS symptoms.

Helpful techniques!


1.  Massage,

2.  Meditation,

3.  Hot baths as one’s period approaches may help to ward off some symptoms.

If you suffer from severe symptoms you may need to consult health professionals.

Doctors may suggest treatments that may help ease the symptoms of this condition.


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