Wednesday, August 4, 2021

How To Write Solo Ads That Converts



Keep It Simple


1.  Write clear and simple ads.

2.  Be direct

3.  Target your writing towards your niche.

4.  Your subject line  must capture your audience immediately

5.  Your subject line should be related to the body of ad

6.  Put emotion into your subject line.

7.  Build curiosity or humor into your subject line.

8.  Write commands (Open up…/ See more! / Read on!) into the subject line of your solo ads.

9.  The usage of hypnotic language can help to improve conversion rates

10.  It helps to keep your subject line fresh, writing about events happening now  could  increase your click through rate.

4 Important tips for the body of your email

1.   it has to point into one direction and remain simple with only one link destination (

2.  Be direct with your call to action

3.  Talk about the product and benefits to your customers

3.  Do not write a book.  Be concise and to the point.

Your customers are probably reading many solo ads; to expect them to read a long email is asking a lot.  The likelihood of them reading the entire email is not being realistic.

4.  Organize your emails

You will be receiving many emails from the different safelists you opt-in for.   Create folders for each supplier to be able to organize lists to avoid being overwhelmed.   The best way to do that is through filtering.


Here’s a List of Solo Ad Vendors to Get You Started

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