Saturday, July 24, 2021

How To Use Snapchat Voice, Video Calling



Snapchat has stepped up to competitors like Facebook and What’s App and now has added voice, video calling to its app.

Do you know how amazing this is for your business, brand or simply connecting to others for fun?

It is quick and easy to do voice or video calling on Snapchat App.





To start a chat, users swipe right on their contacts as they did before, but now you have the additional options.:

1.  press the video icon.

2.  You can tap it to record a short note, or hold it down to start calling.




Users can also receive video calls but choose not to show themselves this is called “Watch”



Snapchat has added more stickers and a lot more sign post.

If you want to call someone you can press the telephone icon or take a video press the video icon.

The updates should now be available on the Apple store.

I am so excited about these new updates Snapchat has made.  It has made the app a lot more simpler to use.  I can hardly wait to see what else they have coming in the future for users.


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