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How To Use GeoFilters For Your Brand On Snapchat



GeoFilters are easy to use and a smart subtle way to promote your business or event.


Anyone can create or upload a filter.

If you don’t have time or would prefer someone else to do it hire a graffiti designer to do it for you.

Why Promoting Your Brand With GeoFilters Is A Smart Strategic Move

 1.  You will be putting your brand in a place where people can see it

2.  As of 2016 the market is not saturated yet with GeoFilters on Snapchat.

3.  Attention.  They will attract the attention of buyers and audience in your niche or market.

4.  Increase value to the viewer.

5.  Your audience have a way to interact with you in a fun way. 

6.  Make a great design at a minimum amount and you should get a great ROI. 

Need a few examples?



Pricing And Guidelines of GeoFilters On Snapchat (*subject to change)

Currently, Snapchat is offering these filters at $5 per 20k square feet, per hour.

 Two rules to the pricing on Snapchat filters

 1.   You can’t go over 5 million square feet

2. The max amount of time a filter can run for is thirty days.

Guidelines To Creating GeoFilters.

1.  Allow at least two business days for approval.

2.  If your GeoFilter is rejected you can resubmit it.  Give yourself extra time in case you must resubmit your project.

3.  Do Not include URLs, handles or email addresses in your filter.   

Exampe:  Do not put Follow me@————-.   You can use a name Moses Book Launch Party as long as the @ did not appear before the name.



You can submit by going to this website

1.  It must be on a transparent background  1080 pixels wide and 1920 pixels high. Files should also be under 300KB.


snapchatdesignsscreen shot 2015-09-02 at 11.28.56 am

Click here when you’re ready to submit your design. First, you’ll have to create a geofence for it. A geofence designates the area where you want the filter to be available. Use Snapchat’s map tool to create your fence.

snapchat geofilter how to


Next, upload your PNG file by clicking the large plus sign in the upper right-hand side of the screen.


upload geofilter


Once your image is uploaded, you’ll need to provide some basic information, including your name and email address. You’ll also have to explain ”why is this location meaningful to you.”

After you’ve answered Snapchat’s questions, you’re ready to hit submit. If your design is accepted, Snapchat will email you to let you know.


 You do not want to block too much of the screen so follow the rules. 

 To Grow Your Business On Snapchat You Must Allow Others In Your Business


Make sure your privacy settings is set to allow everyone to send you snaps and to view your story, rather than just those you’ve explicitly added as friends.

If you’re looking to grow your exposure or are managing a brand’s Snapchat, It is wise to allow everyone to interact with you.

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