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How To Select The Proper Detox Method For You

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Why Do I Need To Detox?

Detox diet, is sometimes called a cleansing diet.
It is a way of getting rid of toxins, metals and helping your body rid of harmful chemicals that can often time damage tissues.
This method may cause you to use the bathroom and possibly lose weight or inches along with aiding you to have a healthier life.

If you are under medical care or before starting a new diet plan it is advised to consult your medical doctor.

Children or pregnant women, are not advised to attempt this dietary plan.

Selecting the Proper Method

1.  Herbs, supplements, teas, coffees

2.  Special diet

3.  Hydrotherapy

4.  Exercise and / or breathing techniques.

5. Colon hydrotherapy, and liver flush

The most common is the detox plan.

A full detox of the body involves the organs kidney, liver and colon.

These are the organs that take part in the detoxification of our entire system.

How Often Should You Use A Detoxification Method

The duration of the diet may be lengthened or the frequency may be increased, depending on the advice of the practitioner.

The bottom line still is that this diet should not be done without supervision of experts.

Before you start your detox diet.

You should keep in mind that the diet should make you healthier, and it should not endanger your health. Thus, you should always consult your physician before starting on a diet.



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