Saturday, July 24, 2021

How To Read Food Labels

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Get into the habit of reading food labels before you purchase your food.

You want to make sure the nutrition value and calories are meeting your daily needs.

The nutrition label located on each and every food item, will tell you all the information about that food.

Lets’ see what the labels really mean!


Serving Size 

This size is based on the amount people eat.

It is comparing similar food items  having similar serving sizes, thus making it easier to compare 2 foods of the same category.


% Daily Value

This indicates how food will fit in a 2,000 calorie diet.

This will help you to understand if the food has a lot, or just a little of the important nutrients.


The middle section 

The nutrients you’ll find listed in the middle section are the ones that are most important to your health. This information can help you to calculate your daily limit of fat, fiber, sodium, and other nutrients.


Vitamins & minerals

The percent daily value found here is the exact same as the U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance for vitamins and minerals.


Now that you know what the nutrition label actually means, it’ll be a lot easy to eat healthy. Eating healthy is a great thing – especially when you use the nutrition label to assist you with your food choices.


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