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How to make a marketing campaign appealing?



What does it take launch a successful marketing campaign?

To have a successful marketing campaign online and off you should incorporate a variety of different advertisements and call to action products.  

Vital Steps Before Launch a Marketing Campaign: 


1.  Build a Marketing Team

2.  Define the type of campaign you want

3.  Write down objectives of campaign

4.  Know your target market

5.  What is your strategic plan

6.  What is your brand attributes

7.  Sales Offer

8.  Develop lead generation offers

9.  Produce and execute plan


Campaign Marketing Materials


1.  Advertise and post on Social Media sites

2.  Business Cards (include eCards)

3.  Door Hangers (include eHangers)

4.  Flyers | Postcards (include eFlyers | ePostcards)

5.  Optional Give-A- Way: Candidate Ink Pens

6.  Contests

7.  Viral Marketing by telling a friend

Make your campaigns exciting and worth others spreading the news.

 You want your campaign to stand out among the crowd of the campaign marketers.

 Social Media Contests & Promotions: June 2014 Apps Roundup


Nathan Latka, CEO of Heyo. Twitter: @Heyo

1. Who is Heyo best suited for?
Heyo is primarily used by authors, speakers, consultants and other small businesses to capture emails from Facebook. If your annual revenue is less than $20,000, you’re too small for Heyo. If it’s more than $20,000,000 or you have more than 20 employees, you’re too large. But if you’re an entrepreneur or small business in between, Heyo is built specifically for you.

2. What sets Heyo apart from other, similar apps?
Heyo contests convert fans into email leads at a higher conversion rate than many other apps. The platform is fully drag and drop, so you don’t need to know a single inkling of code. Additionally, Heyo contests are fully mobile optimized for Facebook, which means you can collect more emails without a lot of design legwork.

3. What benefits/results can marketers expect from using this integration?
Based on results our customers have seen, if you use Heyo, you can expect to grow your email list by roughly 10% of the number of fans you have. For example, if you have 5,000 Facebook fans, Heyo can help you capture 500 emails.


When constructing your campaign you want to send out a strong message to the customer.  You message should be clear, concise, creative and exciting.

You want the message to be  embed it into the customer’s thinking and he remembers it for a longer time.

Do you want your marketing campaigns to go viral quickly.  Read More:



We will cover more marketing campaign strategies in a future blog.



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