Saturday, July 24, 2021

How To Accept Crypto Coins Payments in Your Online Stores

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Cryptocurrency is a new and innovative digital currency that can be accessible online, regardless of where you are.

The bitcoin and other altcoins systems are and many are  acceptable all around the globe.

There are some coins like Bitcoin that works using a peer-to-peer (p2p) technology and operates without the need of a central authority or a oversight body.

Bitcoin is a valuable form of virtual currency, as there is only a maximum of 21 million units in the market at a certain time.

Besides that, new bitcoins are generated at a diminishing rate.

Turn to your ecommerce platform

If you already have an ecommerce site, you can quickly get started with Bitcoin by integrating your store with a BTC payment processor.

Most ecommerce platforms already have existing integrations, which makes setting up Bitcoin payments much easier.

Names of a few ecommerce platforms choose the ones that are best suited for your store.

1. Magento have options such as BitPay CooinGate and more.

2.  Shopify stores can use Coinbase, Dwolla, BitPay or GoCoin to accept BTC payments.

3.  Coinbase Commerce accept bitcoin, etherum bitcoin cashlitecoin within minutes.


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