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How I Coped With A Diagnose of Cancer



I was walking around and didn’t realize I was sick.  After all I had just had my yearly checkup with my medical physician.  How she did not notice that something was going on I don’t know.  I sure didn’t.

I knew I was losing weight but I thought maybe it was just a change in my diet.  My appetite had changed and I was not able to eat my normal plate of food.  My skin was easy to bruise and would develop black and blue scars at the slightest bump.  Well, I had relayed all of this to my physician and she just said gave me some lame story.  My blood works did not get back so still I was clueless as to what was happening.

That very next day after my exam I had to board a flight to Washington and again I was feeling okay.  When I arrived at my destination and laid down for the night I awoke feeling very dizzy.  The room was literally circling.  I had never felt such a whirlwind before.  I called out to my sister and niece who immediately took me to a walk-in clinic.

It was there I was told I needed to get to a hospital immediately.  Again clueless as to what was happening inside of me.  After arrival to the hospital where my blood was drawn the doctor came back with the dreadful news that I had the “Big C”.

Once the initial shock was over I told my niece not to cry for me I had a wonderful and eventful life.  I told her to carry on and not to forget me.  Yes, I was giving her my eulogy  which only made her cry more.   One thing I requested from her  not to do was announce or put my picture of  my passing over Facebook. (laugh out loud of all the things I could think of not to do).  The doctor did not pull punches with me he said although I had the “best” type of cancer if there was such a thing I was in a very bad state.  Tears welled up in my eyes ; but I was not going to feel sorry or ask “why me”.  I asked for my phone to call those close to me to tell them bye and how much they meant to me in my life.  I could not get around to everyone before it was time to take my first time ever ride in an ambulance to another hospital to be admitted where I remained for a month.

One year later I am still here by the grace of God!

I am doing well and my prognosis  is getting better each day.

A diagnosis of cancer is utterly devastating.

Once the  shock wears off, however, you’ve got some serious thinking to do.

Let the following tips help you prepare and help you prevail.

1. Exercise is important. Physical activity is always good for you and now more than ever, you need your body strong. Get the go-ahead from your doctor and begin a specific exercise routine that will empower and prepare you for upcoming treatment. The stronger you are going into it, the more energy you will have to fight. Make exercise fun and sociable too, and use it to alleviate stress.

2.  Get in a positive mindset.  Being positive about life is very important.  You first have to have a right mindset to start any journey if you aspect to have a positive outcome.   I would say to myself no matter what happens I am alright with life and death.

3. Change of diet.  I switched my diet to a more Alkaline diet.  With cancer you are more likely to have a high acidity in your body.  You need to eat a well-balanced, organic and nutritious diet. Look for power foods like flax-seed and omega-3 fatty oils.  Eat plenty of greens, vegetables and salad. Drink plenty of alkaline water. Take vitamins. Stop eating white sugar and white flour.

4. Detox.  Get rid of all those toxins and metals out of your body.  Make sure to replenish your body with nutrients, vitamins etc..  Take vitamins and nutrients that are good for corrective tissue and building stronger and healthier cells.

5. Follow your doctors order.  Whatever advice you are given by your health care professionals, follow it.  All treatments will have more success for a healthier you are in both mind and body; take every measure available to get in the best shape you can.

6. Do fun things to keep your mood positive. Staying indoors and alone are not healthy and do nothing for your optimism. Get outside with people you love and do things that keep you smiling. A positive attitude can get you much further along in life than a negative one and a good outlook will reflect in your health. Make sure by the end of each day that you have other things on your mind than cancer and that you have things to look forward to tomorrow.

7. Animals have a healing energy. If you live by yourself, get a pet. Animals are proven to help in the health and wellness department and they are a positive addition to any household. Visit your local animal shelter and rescue one. The love and affection you get will make you feel good each and every day and having someone to look after can provide you with a much needed distraction. Make sure the animal is low-maintenance and in good health.

8. Reach out to family and friends.  No matter what the condition of your family relations, this is a time to come together. Talk to your relatives and let them help you in any way possible. Accept rides to the doctor or offers to help you pick up around the house, yard or with meal preparation. Reducing your workload can help tremendously and the presence of family should lighten and brighten your mood.

9. Do your own research. Cancer is too scary not to find out everything you can; study what kind you have and scour the Internet for treatment options, case studies and different scenarios that can either educate you further or offer new possibilities. I reached out to others who was diagnosed with cancer.  Support group is very helpful.   Ignorance is not always bliss; be your own best advocate and lead the way with your treatment.

10. Get rid of Stress.  Learning as much as you can is the only way to help in your journey of surviving.   Always surround yourself with positive energy.  Get rid of stress.  Stress is a killer.  Arm yourself with knowledge and surround yourself with sources of positive energy; they are your best weapons against this dreadful disease.

11.  Forgiveness.  Learn to forgive yourself for not taking better of yourself.  Learn to forgive yourself for all the wrong decisions you have made in life.  Learn to forgive others for all the wrong they did to you and you to them.  Forgiveness is very important in relieving yourself of negativity.

My cancer treatments have been reduced and I am claiming and believing I will have a cancer free body!



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