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How Can Blogs Help Book Authors?



Purpose, Passion or Profit

Online blogging is a great tool for savvy Internet entrepreneurs to build, promote and make money.

Blogs are used as reliable news source.

They also present the budding businessperson with a way to get money coming through the door quickly.

You can write a blog on any subject, any niche or product.

All it requires is a bit of thought, an idea and the motivation to make it happen.

You can run it one of two ways.


You can make your blog a pure information/entertainment site that people will read for the enjoyment of it.

A blog with a reputation can attract advertisers, just as any newspaper or magazine can.

Authors can write blogs to promote their books and subsequently gain more readers to buy a copy of their book(s).


Blogging, reviewing, networking consistently will ultimately get you followers and subscribers if done correctly.

Eventually, you will probably get some indie authors emailing you to review their books.

Have others to write reviews about your product, niche, books to build up further interest.

If your blog gains a reputation for being something that a lot of people read, advertisers may well approach you, or you can approach them offering a not-to-be-missed opportunity to get their product advertising space somewhere people are likely to look.

Don’t be surprised if you start receiving invitations to book launches, book clubs, publishers searching your blogs for information about other books / authors.

Build a community of authors and review their books.

People will start asking you what else do you do, are you a book author or book publisher.


Blogs can open up doors you never dream of.

This can be enough for an individual to live on, although this is not going to happen instantly.

Alternatively you can use the blog as a way of promoting a more conventional business.

Blogs are easily navigable sites that are equally easy to update.

Build a website for your blogs and / or be a guest blogger on other blogs.

It is not necessary to have any great knowledge of internet technology to keep one running, and to use it as a way of bringing readers through the door.

Then all you need to do is have something they are prepared to pay for – and that can be almost literally anything.



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Top 2 Most Popular Ways to Build Authority Are…
  1. Write a blog
  2. Publish a book

Today, “blogging” and “writing a book” are almost synonymous with “building authority.”



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