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How A Funded Proposal Process Works




I want to help you to solve your money problem so you can be a part of this wonderful travel club Surge365.

When people ask me how I am able to travel a lot I tell them about Surge365 great deals for their members.

When ask how can a person afford the membership if they have limited income I tell them about funded proposals.

Funded Proposals

Funded proposals are great for people who have limited income.

This is a short version of how the process works (Funded -Branding-mlm)

You want to learn how to market  (ad,videos, social media)

You want to drive traffic to your funded proposal

I am going to drive people to Surge365   $40/ mth.

Why? Because it is low and affordable

I can show people how to leverage the system and make money selling memberships.

Now that you are making some money you have a story to tell.

Branding Yourself

For me, it would be MLSP a system that helps you to brand yourself

With this system you learn how to market and build a list.

You develop  leads with MLSP.

You can do funnels, lead capture pages inside of MLSP to help you grow your list.

You can now tell others how you recruit people and teach them how to brand themselves.

Take the same list of people and sign them into MLSP

Multiple Streams Of Income

You now have income coming in from Surge365 and MLSP.

You have a healthy list you can now drive your MLSP list to your primary business.

Let them know if they want to spend more time with you they can join your inner circle or mastermind group within your primary business.


You have develop some credibility and relationships because you have shown your list how to make money and brand themselves.

You want to leverage your credibility.

Anyone who want to work directly with you they have to join your primary business.

Most primary businesses cost between $150 -$500.

If you try to recruit at that level you will find resistance – people saying they don’t have the money.

So help people make the money, residual income so you eliminate the excuses of not having the money.

This is how you will be able to recruit and start building several income streams.

Funded proposal is a sale process that generate funds up front.

MLSP shows you how to  brand yourself correctly so people will want to join your mlm or company.

Potential partners are given free training to build their business and helps to give a way to build relationship.

It also upsells to the same people so that it helps you generate cashflow for your business it does not matter if they join your primary business or not.

Funded Proposal process

-cash flow coming into your business on an immediately basis
-your rep is able to make money now while sponsoring people into your business
- you lose people when your reps are not making the money to stay in the business

Success in Funded Proposal

when you have money coming into a fund in funded propsal you have a story
- now you can start to brand yourself
start sharing results- attraction marketing
-now you have ability to recruit
you can tell people how you did it- made money, got results

Funding – Branding- MLM

Marketing (ads, videos, articles, social media)
Surge365 $40/month 
When people start making $35 to $800/ month or more they now have a story to tell -built trust- 
MLSP- helps you to brand yourself, build a list, lead capture pages, blog, and more
Now sign the people into MLSP to help them brand themselves-

Primary Business

Now those same people drive them towards your primary business

Now you say I showed you how to make money,

I showed you how to brand yourself,

If you want to work close with me this is the group where I spend 80% of my time.,

This is my inner circle, if you want to work directly with me here is where I spend my time.


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