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Host Live Online Webinars – Easy Setup, Recording & Polls



How to run your own webinars ..that is the question.

First, you have to put together a compelling presentation that causes your prospective customers to take action.


The 12 Step “Magical Presentation” Formula

These don’t necessarily have to happen in order, but capture attention first and call to action last
1. Capture people’s attention (David does this by doing off the wall things, you can also do it by
targeting a problem in your opening)
2. Create rapport (a responsive connection with someone that leads to an agreement frame, then
commitment phases of small decision to large decisions, great ways to do this are to tell stories and
to get people laughing)
3. Gain credibility (why someone should listen to you)
4. Target a problem (don’t sell based on features, sell based on benefits)

5. Give a solution to the problem

6. Create expectations

7. Create social proof (if you don’t have results yet, you can borrow social proof)
8. Show the benefits
9. Present an irresistible offer
10. Reverse the risk
11. Create scarcity and urgency
12. Call to action


Giving  great content will go a long way in having a successful webinar.

Asking them to DO SOMETHING at the end of your webinar to get them involved and for your benefit to find out if your presentation is clear.

That can be writing a summary of what the webinar was about and put it on their blog to send out to social media sites, visiting your website, or picking up the phone..

After you create a killer presentation, you have to find a webinar hosting company so you can present your information to hundreds of people at one time.

There are several good ones out there including GoToWebinar, WebEx, Adobe Connect and few others.

Or you can hire individuals to run your webinar for you.

I previously posted a checklist for hosting a webinar.

I will post the link of the webinar checklist under resource below if you would like to read it.

It is a good idea to show your team,  your techie person, employee, secretary, or teenage kid and have them learn how to setup your webinar or their own!

Next, you have to have a way of recording the webinar so you can show the replay.

Let’s face it, not everyone will be able to attend your webinar “in person”, so you can pick up a few more sales by offering a replay.

Now here’s a million dollar tip.

Always have a reason to “buy now” in your webinar.

Give an urgency for your attendees to purchase “now”.

Either the sale price is expiring in 48 hours …or you only have a limited amount of appointments left …or an extra special bonus will expire at the end of the week …anything to get them to take action immediately after the webinar.

And that’s why you want them “live”.

A webinar is a live event and you control when they see it and what rewards they get for taking action.

That is how a webinar differs from a video they can watch any time they want.

Even a webinar replay is released with the understanding that a deadline is looming right around the corner.

And finally, you want to follow up with your webinar attendees.

If you ask for full contact information, you can send those that didn’t buy a postcard, direct mail piece or even pick up the phone and call them.

Think about how qualified a webinar attendee is …they just spent 60 minutes listening to you on a webinar.

Do you think they are pretty interested in your product or service?

All it takes is a nudge to get them to buy.

Webinars are really not that complicated, and the rewards can be VERY profitable!


Webinar Checklist

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