Sunday, May 19, 2019

GoEx GoBonuses Review

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Goex started out as an exchange platform.

It has since added on an investment side of the program.

With their affiliate program you can now earn your regular commissions and also earn GoBonuses.

I would like the to mention the withdrawal system is very fast on this platform.

The minimum are low, fast and easy to withdraw to whatever wallet you designate.

How to earn the GoBonuses

You will find the link under the affiliate tab.

You have different qualifying rewards (ie GX1, GX2, GX3 etc).

You have to earn the personal investments to qualify for each GX levels.

When someone signup underneath you those are your direct levels and depending on how much they have invested you will qualify for that BTC reward for that level.

As soon as you earn it you are able to withdraw it right away.

If you like to build teams and earn commissions this is a nice way to earn BTC bonuses.

This is great for those who love to build teams and get commissions.

It is a great way to earn up to 20 BTC on a bonus.

1.  Join the affiliate program

2.  Build your team

3.  Earn commissions and Bonuses

It is simple three steps!

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