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Five Great Tips for A Flat Tummy For Women Over 40

Years seem to go by so quickly.

At age 40, so many women are feeling overwhelmed with weight gain.

Many women are having children later in life, getting married and juggling a career well into your middle age of life.

What do you do stay attractive for yourself and your husband.

You are exhausted after you get home from work and exercising just doesn’t seem to fit i n your lifestyle.

Perhaps you signed up  for a gym membership only to quit going after the first day or never show up at all.

Are you the woman who had children and never lost the weight you gained during your pregnancy?

Maybe you are single and would love to get you your grove back to attract your ideal partner?

Well, whatever you reason this is the first of many to help you get that tummy at the way, get your energy and stamina up, develop the right mindset right to become healthier.

You have found yourself in the position of needing to lose some weight.

We will go more into details but here is something to kickstart your new weight loss journey!

Here are 5 quick tips:

1.  Slow down and eat slowly.  You have rushed all day and now this is your time to enjoy your food.

When you eat it takes at an half-hour for you to feel full.

Taking time to chew your food slowly will help you to enjoy your food and feel satisfaction from the meal.

Studies show chewing slowly also helps you to burn calories.

2.  Stay away from process foods.

It is never a good idea to go shopping when you are hungry.

You may find yourself buying foods that are appealing but are not good for your goals you want to accomplish which one of them is to have a flat tummy! the

Head over to fruits and vegetable section and load up for the week.

“A study at Brigham Young University shows that eating fiber helps women reduce  weight gain.

3.  When making dinner and other meals make smaller portions.  

It helps to eat out of smaller plates and don’t be tempted to overload the portion.


Also, you should be making sure you are eating slowly because you need to allow your stomach to tell you when its full.

Eating more often each day but smaller portions is a great way to deter from being tempted to eat junk foods or feeling hungry.

 4.  Drinking a glass of water before your meal can actually help you eat less because you were also just dehydrated.

Drink healthy beverages.

Speaking of beverages, sugary beverages should be out of the question.

Instead, you should be drinking all-natural fruit juices that have the natural sweeteners in them and all the healthy vitamins and nutrients as well.

Look for healthier alternatives for your favorite sweet dishes.


5.  Find time to exercise.

Find people to work out with so that you have a good support group.

Commitment is what it is going to take to meet your goals and moving forward.

If you haven’t already write down your WHY!

WHY do you want to lose weight?

If your WHY is important and strong enough to you, you will find that it is half the battle to meet your goals and move forward.

We want to help you to meet your goals for a more exiting life filled with increased energy, love, moving forward with what you want out of life, fun, vacations and Oh did I say Love for yourself and a special someone.

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tlc weight loss amazing183


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Everyone help me say Congratulations to my client MzRuby Red Robinson for staying consistent & committed to this journey!!

7 weeks later, 22 lbs down, & plenty of inches gone!! She’s looking AMAZING!!!

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