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Duplication Secrets To Grow Your Business

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Duplication is at the heart of network marketing.

Easy Recruiting

You must have an easy way of recruiting
A simple sales funnel is needed to get new people started
A system in place that will be able to work for thousands of people down, work in other languages that i s not complicated

Secrets Of Duplication In Network Marketing

1. sponsor people
2. Get new people started with something they can do
3. Sponsor more people

What Top Gurus Know About Growing In Network Marketing 

1.  They have a system in place that will get them started right and it will be the same for everyone that comes in
2.  A system that plugs people into the system 100% one level down, 2 down level down to infinity that is simple

Duplication:  Sponsoring New People Made Simple

1, Sponsor new people
2. Have a plan in place to help them sponsor their first two people
3. Sponsor a new distributor than start the cycle again

Keep your team focus on:

1. Prospect 3 people a day about your business
2. Have everybody attend a live meeting (online or off)
3. Stick to the fast start system
4. Attend one training a week
5. Attend the next major event- Events are what duplicate leadership
they see the bis social proof. they start believing in the company in a entirely new level
6. Learning the skills that will take them from beginners to rockstar status
7. Stay consistent with your system.  If you start a new fast system every 6 months you entire team would stop to learn new system.
8. Stick to daily consistent actions

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So that’s the master plan… just constant recruiting and training systems? Well yeah, there isn’t that much to it really. It goes like this…

Marketing > Lead Gen Process > Email list > Relationship building > New reps > Training systems > Duplication > Repeat


More and more people are becoming aware of the fact that to be on the internet can mean serious business opportunities for those who are switched on and prepared to do the necessary work.

Before the internet network marketing, mlm or directsales business was a lengthy process that would almost invariably require some hefty investment up front simply to get started.

Now, all you need is a computer, an internet connection and an idea.

The rest is simply a matter of following some uncomplicated steps and putting your plans into action.

Having a plan in place with a simple system easy enough for anyone to duplicate.

You can have an idea one day and be up and running within twenty four hours if you have the drive to make it happen.

Before the internet opened things up so much, a business would generally require premises from which to operate.

Even if you ran the business from your home, this would make it more complicated as it would involve having your business life intrude heavily on your home life with little separation between the two.

Now, all business can be routed through your computer – using e-mail, PayPal and some simple, user friendly websites (such as a blogging platform) – and the rest of your home can stay just as it is.

The only concern that you need to have is how you are going to make it pay – but that is no different from any business, and there is no such thing as free money.

The internet  is a world of business that is simpler and more transparent than it ever was before.

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