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Do You Have A Road Map For Your Success?




Are You Ready To Make Life Give You What You Want?

Seven Steps To Goal Setting

Goal setting will help you live without limits.

What would you like to accomplish in your lifetime?

Author Basil S. Walth once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, how can you expect to get there?” These are words well spoken, because whether you’re working toward buying a home, start up a business, freelancing full-time or selling your novels, you need a road-map.

Goals are indispensable. They provide direction, long-term vision and short-term motivation. They separate the important from the irrelevant. Goals also build self-confidence by helping you grow as an individual.

Olympic athletes, successful business people, and (hint…) bestselling writers are goal setters. You aspire to greatness too, don’t you? If you do, and you’re not already setting goals, now is the perfect time to start.

Seven Things to Remember When Setting Goals:

1. Write Goals Down

2. Your goal must be sensory specific

3. Make Goals Short, Achievable, & Measurable

4. Self-initiated and maintained

5. Create Deadlines

6. Look at your goals everyday!

7. Make Goal Setting a Routine


The internet is a big part of how our world today communicate with others.

 Most businesses conduct some type of business with internet connection.

Our young people run their lives over the internet.

Companies of all sizes are taking the power of web marketing and using it to promote their products and services.

The Mindset for online Business

There are two obstacles I find that stand in the way of many who want to start a business – but can’t get started and they are:

1) You

2) Your attitude

The web is the way to go for  companies starting up who desire a fast and vast global reach.

7 Ways To Build Your Internet Business

1.  Google Tools

2.  Opt-in forms

3.  Email newsletter

4.  PRWeb and PRlog

5.  Video and Vlog

6.  Articles

7.  Online Shops


 PRWeb and PRlog

Sites like PRWeb and PRlog  have a high ranking on the search engines so provided your press releases are written properly –

You can submit a press release  and have it read by thousands of viewers on Google news.

Your sites should be informative , showing the benefits, and optimized for search engines with the correct choice of keywords used to find your products – that press release will be found over and over again.

Your articles, forms and newspapers should be enticing causing your target audience wanting to click through to get to your offer.

This is the action someone takes when a site link or button is pressed to open a web page containing details of the product or service.

Depending on the suitability to the interested visitor, this could be a conversion to a sale.

Google analytic

Google analytic allows you to track all your visitor activity and conversions and plan out campaigns around those findings.

You can research the right keywords that will allow your site pages to rank high in the search engines so people will find your site.

Opt-in forms

Using the internet, you can build a fast mailing list by starting a blog and inviting people to opt-in for a newsletter or a free product.

This in turn provides a good ROI (Return On Investment) that other forms of media cannot compete with.

Your web site is operating 24/7, literally taking orders while you sleep.

This has left many traditional channels for media exposure quite redundant which is why so many magazines have spent a lot of time crafting a web presence.

The internet in marketing formula involves so many aspects that will drive a business.

Email newsletters

You can send email newsletters that launch a product or new benefit to a mailing list.

Video, Podcasting and YouTube

Video has invited a wealth of possibilities by inviting viral marketing with video clips showing business promotions.

YouTube has become a platform for business launches as a result.

There is podcasting, distributing audio files that talk about a business venture.

People are moving away from TV, radio and the yellow pages in vast numbers to gather up to date information on the web.


A series of articles placed in blogs and article directories like:

USFreeads: Free Classifieds Article Directory – Free Expert Article Directory

 A search engine directory for articles. Free RSS and Javascript feeds
 All you need to do is provide your email address or a link to your web site.

There are free ways to build your audience if your budget does not allow you immediately to invest.

Google Adwords allows you to bid on popular keywords allowing for direct targeting to your services using search engines.

It can be expensive so consult an SEO expert initially about using the internet in marketing with Adwords.

An online shop allows you to sell to anyone globally. Your revenue potential then becomes limitless.





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It is easy to start a blog.  Just write.

 If you are a newbie and need help setting up your blog and do not want to be bother with building a site click the button above.

 Making money online is also easy.  You can use affiliate programs which is simply selling other people products, you can make your own digital products and sell it through several programs which makes it easy to deliver and collect your money.


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