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Do You Find Yourself Continually Gaining Weight?

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I didn’t want to lose a lot of weight only around my mid-section.
Every time I got on the scale it seem as though I was steadily gaining weight. I would watch my diet. Eliminated white sugar from my diet, cut out eating process foods, and lower my intake of food in each setting.
Eating small amounts of food more seem to workout better for me than eating giant meals 3x a day!
I knew I had to do something because I didn’t want to gain any more weight.
So my friend D is into getting healthy and became an independent distributor in TLC.
Now; I had heard about this green tea for about four years but never tried the products. I followed Stormey for years, watching her YouTube and social media blogs, but still I never wanted to be involved with the company or try the products.
As a matter of fact, I was in another company she was in before she stated with the health and wellness niche.
No particular reason; I just didn’t want to have another mlm company under my belt.
(Lets be truthful) Side note-Stormey is now a millionaire; maybe I should have gotten involved with what she was doing instead of watching on the sidelines. Oh well!! Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda, but I didn’t.
Anyway; I decided to try the Iaso Tea to detox , NRG for energy, Nutra Burst a liquid vitamin to replace the minerals and vitamins and the Delgado Latin coffee.
It wasn’t long before I had lost 2 lbs and my mid-section is getting smaller.
What I will do now is take the products to maintain my weight and keep my body clean and energized.
The Iaso tea is not only for detox.
It is good to drink to help maintain your weight, it is filled with 9 vitamins, it helps you to relax, energize you, helps with clarity of mind and so many other good things.
The liquid vitamin is great because it goes directly into your system easily.
The NRG is better than drinking the energize drinks to stay awake or to energize you.
You can feel the effects of the products in the same day.
Please google the ingredients and you may be surprised.
I love the products. Even if you don’t want to become a distributor the products are great for your health. 100% money back guarantee!

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