Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Right System To Reach Six Figures And More


 We all come across challenges in our lives and in our business. I have personally come across a system that has worked for me in many areas in my business. Although, I have over six businesses I have created; it was difficult for me to organize, grow and sell without exhaustion everyday. There had to […]

Strategy to Get the Income You Need In Your Business


Training the world’s home biz entrepreneurs and developing TOP INDUSTRY LEADERS since 2008… FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, we teach you EVERYTHING on “winning with your biz” inside: == > http:///intro ************************************************* “When I started with MLSP less than two months ago, I had no experience in network marketing. I knew nothing about marketing online whatsoever. […]

Shopify For Beginners To Start Making Money


  BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Next week I’m launching a 100+ video course for Beginners to start making money online from home using Shopify called ECOM POWER SELLERS! (–> Turn Up Your Speakers! ) Join for Free today while it is available  Tecademics University and get more Free Training to jumpstart your business.    

Notes From FREE TRAINING – 5 Shopify Strategies to Sell More & Earn More in 2017


  Here is what we covered in today’s free live training: 1. Tips to Rank your Shopify Store in Google       a.  Shopify blogs       b.  Think about what people would be searching for              1.  use keyword search in google             […]

Free Facebook Training To Help Build Your Business


Are you struggling on Facebook trying to get leads for your business? I want to help. Today join me on this Free hangout as Keysha goes back to the basic talking about : 100% FREE Back-to-Basics Facebook Training Simple Strategies Anyone Can Use to Get Facebook Working For YOU! Pull In 5+ Leads a Day […]

Why Should You Sign Up For A Gravatar For Your Online Business ?


  Many viewers have been asking what is a gravatar and why should you sign up for one. A gravatar is an image (you can put your own self photo) that follows you around from site to site while on the internet. It is a great way to help brand yourself. It makes you a […]

13 Top Benefits of Facebook Live Video for Marketers


Live video is currently an exciting topic among fans, online marketers, network marketers and play a big role in the way we communicate online. Facebook live has brought a new energy for network marketers and other entrepreneurs. That’s because it presents us with an entirely new audience to market ourselves to, an entirely new way […]

Network Marketer And The Honey Badger


    Do you know about Honey Badgers? I had never heard of a Honey Badger until recently. It is admired for its courageous heart to go against larger animals then themselves and the ability to bring a lion down. Its considered the MOST FEROCIOUS animal on this planet. Its small in size (a bit […]

6 Things You Can Do To Increase Sales In Your Online Business


    Before I tell you about the webinar Wednesday I want to share with you : 6 Things You Can Do To Increase Sales In Your Online Business : -Personality Sells- Be you. Be interesting. Be giving. Be caring.Have fun with your personality. When you have fun in your marketing, business, others see this […]

Twitter Moments For Business


Have you used the twitter moments yet to share your story? It is a new and creative way to keep others up-to-date on what is going on in your life, community or your business in the moment.   Twitter Moments is being used by big and small business and personal use to add more depth […]