Sunday, April 22, 2018

10 Risks To Being Overweight You Need To Avoid

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  Many complications can develop with being overweight. Sometimes it appears to be easier to put on the weight than taking it off. When you get pass your teens the weight can sneak on you easy especially around the belly section if you do not exercise or eat foods that seem to stick to your […]

26 Benefits of Iaso Tea

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Are you struggling to lose weight? Well, I have the solution to your weight loss challenge. Read the blog and learn how this amazing tea will help you to lose 5lbs in 5 days! For those of you who want to lose more I also have the solution to your resolution to lose those pounds […]

10 Quick Tips To Get More Done With Less Stress


  It is easy to get stress working at home or on a 9 to 5 job. Stress is the cause of many illnessess. To stay stress less it is important to find ways to deal with those issues that cause you stress. It is difficult to state all things that give people stress so […]

Five Strategies For A Successful Home Business


Starting a home business is easy when you have a guideline to follow. There are many successful models on the internet and depending on what type of business it is possible to find one in your niche. Unless you are creating a business from scratch duplicate the successful leaders in your business. Are you thinking […]

How To Find New Ways To Burn Calories


Cross Bow  finding new ways to burn calories by testing out my new Barnett Raptor crossbow! There are many ways to burn calories. You can take what you enjoy doing and find ways to burn calories doing it. I decided to use cross bow hunting as a way to burn calories. I guess you can […]

10 Top Health Benefits For Green Tea

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  Green Tea is a healthy alternative to caffeine. Many people struggle to get through the day without a cup or more of caffeinated coffee, chocolate, energy drinks and other products. Yes, caffeine occurs in many of our foods and if you are not paying attention to the labels maybe consuming more than you anticipated. […]

How To Get Coffee Products For Free!


Are you a coffee lover? Would you love to know how to get coffee products for free? Well, you are on the right blog! Coffee products are given away for free for a reason: 1.  Coffee makers want you to take a survey 2.  Coffee makers want you to fall in love with the taste […]

How To Increase Your Energy With These Simple Steps

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Photo credit TLC   Losing weight and increasing your energy is on the top of your to do list then you are on the right blog! Increasing your heart rate by walking, jogging or running will help burn glucose or sugar. Start slowly and stretch before any workout. Increase your paste only when you are […]

3 Tips To Help You Lose Weight

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Wanting to lose weight can often times seem overbearing especially for those who are working a full time job. It can be difficult to get motivated if you are retired or stay at home parent. There is a certain way you should approach everything. You must know where to start, how to measure where you […]

Five Days To Fit Into My Dress


  Starvation is not the answer to losing weight in a healthy way. There are so many diets on the market finding the one that is right for you maybe leaving you tired and discourage. What are the benefits of drinking green tea? Chinese believe it can be the cure for many ailments both mentally […]