Thursday, September 20, 2018

Why Is It Harder For Women To Lose Weight After 40

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  Burning fat was no problem before 40. I could eat anything at anytime of day and never gained too much weight or if I did I could burn it off effortlessly. What happened to my body? Your metabolism slows down after 40 (sometimes 30) and it seems that it has taken a big drop. […]

Five Great Tips for A Flat Tummy For Women Over 40


Years seem to go by so quickly. At age 40, so many women are feeling overwhelmed with weight gain. Many women are having children later in life, getting married and juggling a career well into your middle age of life. What do you do stay attractive for yourself and your husband. You are exhausted after […]

Flat Belly Woman Over 40

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Be sure to sign up for free how women over 40 can look young, feel young and be healthy! Yes, get your grove back if you feel you have lost it and maintain it if you still got it! 30 days to a flat belly! We will delve into your WHY!   Why do you want […]

3 Tips To Doing Pilates At Home


  There is no place like home. If you don’t have time to go to a high end health club to do Pilates why not make a place at home to workout? What do you need for Pilates? 1.   Mat workouts. 2.  Pilates mat videos and various DVDs for refreshing full body workouts.  You will […]

5 Easy Weight Loss Solutions

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The truth is you have to do something if you want to lose weight! What does it take to lose weight in a healthy way? 1.  It takes the right mind set 2.  It will take time 3.  It will take you investing physically, emotionally and yes sometimes monetarily How to lose weight successfully! 1. […]

Tips For Getting Fast Results As A Working From Home Digital Marketer


  Do you want to make money from home or anywhere there is internet or using your smartphone? Well, it is possible to be strictly an online digital marketer. If you have decided to work at home to take care of your family, to get away from the rat race of corporate business, to have […]

How To Lose Weight Without Equipment

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  Photo credit TLC   Nelly looks great when it comes to losing weight this is what she had to say, “I use to weigh 250 pounds and by taking the Iaso Tea I dropped down 17 pounds. A few weeks later i started taking the Resolution Drops and I lost a total of 70 […]

Five Alternative Medicine For Rheumatoid Arthritis

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    Rheumatoid Arthritis is considered a chronic disease. Prescription drugs may treat the symptoms but not treat the cause. If you were diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis it takes time to treat the condition. Often times people suffer with intermittent flare-ups and an increase in severity of your disease with no cure ever in sight. […]

Five Ways To Build Functional Strength

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Photo credit TLC Felicia looks amazing! She said, “” i love the #NutraBurst, #IasoTea and the#NRG! (Even tho i try all of my products) My first 30 days i lost 25 pounds. Before Total Life Changes i was hospitalized for high pressure levels 180/150. I was also a heavy Monster (energy drink) drinker .. since […]

Beginners Guide To Healthy Eating

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Photo credit TLC Jodie from Thomasville, GA said, “I lost 120 pounds using the Solution Kit and following the meal plan. TLC gave me back my life and now I’m a better version of me for myself and my family!” If you are refraining from healthy food because you think it is too time consuming […]