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Extract, Network and Marketing

As an entrepreneur using network marketing as a platform to gain worth you want to present valuable content to your audience.

As a coaching service you want to help new and struggling business owners to make the right choices.

Art Of Disassociation 

Who should you disassociate from:

1)  People who do not believe in you

2) People who do not have an entrepreneur mindset

3) Negative people

4)  limited access with friends and family who do not have the same mindset

5)  Remove average from your vocabulary

Develop a new mindset:

1)  Believe in yourself

2)  Believe in what you are doing

3)  Surround yourself with like minded people

4)  Believe in the possibility

5) Believe you can make a six or seven figures

6)  Find a mentor

7)  Read

8)  Listen to positive audios


You are just like a basketball coach.

You give your clients plays and encourage them to bounce, dribble, pass the ball and shoot the ball in the basket the way the plays is laid out.

In your business  you should cover internet marketing.

Even storefront businesses can benefit from internet marketing.

Many just do not know why they should invest time and money into the effort or how to get started.

Give them ideas.

Internet marketing presents many choices.

There are many opportunities in  Internet marketing both large and small.

All businesses can benefit from utilizing the internet.

Create a game plan for your clients or their advertising department to follow.

Included in the game plan should be:


1.  Blogs are for personal and business use.

2.   Internet marketing tools.

3.  Content

Your client or one of their employees will need to do this task, but it should only take less than 30 minutes a day.

They can write content related to the products or services they sell.

For example, someone running a dog grooming business can write articles on anything pet related, including care and health.

Blogs should lead back to their business website.

Online business directories.

List with online business directories

Most people use the internet to do their searches for businesses.

If your client is not listed in these directories, encourage them to do so and right away.

The process should only take a few minutes.

Hosting contests.

Hosting contests can be fun and bring new subscribers to your blog.

Use a blog and have a monthly newsletter or RSS feed available.

Instruct your client to allow for an extra entry for anyone who subscribes to these.

They receive daily or weekly updates, always remind them about the business and the products or services offered.

Online message boards.

 Include a link back to the company website in all allowable signatures and profiles.

When posting, the name and link will show.

Banner and link exchanges.

Online networking is just as important as internet marketing.

There are many connections to be made online and these connections can lead to increased advertising.

To get started, encourage your client to network with those in related fields.

They can set up link and banner exchanges.

For example, if your client sells pet products, coach them through finding pet services, such as dog grooming or dog sitting.

Instruct them to contact the owner of the website and offer a banner or link exchange.

In these aspects, both companies benefit and advertising is free.

As you can see, there are many ways to market a business online.

Your job is to coach your clients through the process. Carefully monitor each step and offer feedback.

Master Mind Group

Encourage clients to join your master mind group where questions can get answered and encouragement when needed

Have a system in place where clients can duplicate the process you have develop for them

Develop products in a variety of forms for clients to be able to learn and grow (ebooks, podcasts, blogs etc)

Have a member only site where clients can connect for more continue learning, connect with other like minds, CRM to keep up with analytic, their clients, monitor emails, client base etc)



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