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Beacon Technology: What It Means To You And Your Internet Business


Beacon is a new technology developed by Apple to inform shoppers about different products when they are in range of about 70 meters of a beacon device.

It also also notifies retailers of where shoppers are, how long they stay in a section of the store and what products they are interested in.

 For retailers this helps them in knowing which products to stock or do away with and where they should put their dollars in advertisement on the internet and off.

Shoppers are made aware of products currently on sale, in stock and prices leading them to possibly buy more.

This software was released with Apple’s ios version 7.   It was beta tested in Apple stores alerting merchants which section of the store customers were located and how long observing phones.  

Other merchants are now testing out the software for their stores hoping it will help increase sales by knowing what customers are most interested in and sending notifications to customers of other products available in the store.


Who are the Beta Testers


PayPal: Customers are able to use there Paypal account to pay for their purchases.     PayPal Beacon detects a shopper with the PayPal app on their smartphone (only if the shopper has enabled it), which then pulls up the customer’s photo on the merchant’s POS system for verification before the sale. If the shopper also enables automatic check-in, the complete experience and payment happens without even taking your phone out of your pocket.

Apple:  it’s IOS 7 software has the ibeacon technology built in. It is unclear if Apple itself will produce and sell the hardware for ibeacon technology but other manufacturers’ products will be easily compatible with it.

There are other big players testing the software in their stores and many more to follow in the future.

Targeting Traffic

In the future; merchants will be able to use the customer’s purchase history and which ones are favorite items to come up with product-specific offers when they approach that item on the shelf.

We all know these types of offers would convert very well!

Customers information will be of value to those merchants online as well provided  they have a website.

In the future; If you are an affiliate marketer, advertisers can increase their sales by targeting those products of interests to buyers. If the buyers purchasing history is following them you know what your targeted market likes.   You can send out notifications or product updates of items they purchased..



PayPal recently launched a new mobile payment beacon using Bluetooth® Smart. A customer walks into a store equipped with a PayPal beacon, the beacon interacts via Bluetooth Smart with the PayPal app on the customer’s smartphone and when it is time to pay, the secured transaction simply happens—no cash, no cards, no signatures needed.



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