Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Authors Put Your Books, Poetry And Trailers On Snapchat



Are your fans or potential fans on Snapchat?  If so, why not put your books, poetry and trailers on Snapchat.

There are 8+ Billion video views every day on Snapchat.

Be creative, take pictures, make videos, talk, laugh, have fun while letting your fans learn more about you and behind the scenes about your book.

Putting your work on Snapchat is an opportunity to reach an audience that loves quick and quirky stories.

There is an audience who would love to hear your voice and the entertainment you alone can provide.

Keep your fans coming back each day to see your snap for today.

With Snapchat you can share moments as they happen, and video is a great way to capture those moments.

You can share your stories daily.

Stories are updated in real-time and expire after 24 hours.

You can engage with your audience.

You don’t have to be perfect only present with your doodles, drawings, texts, geofilters, videos, voice calling and more.

Grow Your Followers

1.  Promote your Snapchat username / user snapchat code on all your blogs and bios.

2.  You have to build your snapchat followers using other social media platforms.

3.  Share valuable content continuously and have fun doing so.

4.  Re-purpose your Snaps and Snap Stories on other social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook etc.

5.  Giveaways, prizes, contents and other enticing marketing will bring people to your site if they feel they will get something out of it.

 P.S.  Get featured on other Snapchat stories, follow influencers or Use Influencers to recommend your account.

Have them take over your account, but let the influencer create content based on your goal and give them full control on how to execute

 P.S.  You want to learn how?  Free pdf download learn_more

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