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Attraction Marketing Fundamental



Attraction that happens inside of people when they are drawn to do something

You want to sponsor your business in away where you can recruit effortlessly. People are drawn to your business and chase you down to join.
Marketing and being in such away when people are around you they feel a pull to be apart of your business
Marketing is the business of pulling people into your business not chasing after them.

6 Tips Attraction Marketing To Sponsor People Into Your Business Quickly

1. Build a report with a lot of targeted people

People like to do business with people who are like them. Act in a way they feel they are relatable to you.
2. Give them a solution to their problems.
3. Offer additional value for change of money
Give more value than other people pay from Gurus.
4.. Make your team exclusive
Make it a privilege to be apart of your mastermind group or business
5. Be a little bit unreachable
6. While exposing a lot of highly qualified people don’t care if they jon your team

Don’t care if they get involved in your company today, tomorrow or ever.  Don’t become emotionally attached to their response to your offer to sponsor them into your business.

Keep focus on sponsoring,not the answer.

Distraction comes in all forms.

A negative response could deter you from focusing on your business.

You don’t want everybody in your business.

You can be selective because you are looking for the right people who are going to be with you.

I want to work with people who want to have a vision to move forward.

Simple attraction marketing

1. simple website
2.. offer great value in return for their email
3. Give them free relevant info to get started. Use a system that is in place. Borrow credibility when you don’t have it on your own
4. Sell relevant products that will help people solve their problems.

Attraction marketing is not workking the cold markket. You should never have to chasse anybody about anything.

It is all about trust, relationship and exposure of your business., f/u with third party presentation.

5 tips to market and build your business at the same time.

1. Stay consistent and focus on the small numbers. don’t try to get 30 leads a day when you working p/t… you won’t f/u with your leads and get frustated
2. Work your leads thru the 4 gateways of exposure. phone numbe (call), email stay in regular communication, direct mail name, email , phone # send a post card to offer additional value. Keep in touch w/ people. Build up trust with people by communitcating with them on a consistent basis.
3. Stay focus on your simple recruiting process
                a. relationship
                b. exposure
                c. three way call
                d. live event

4. Have a fast start medium in place that has zero set up time and they do not need knowledge
5. If you are not getting daily leads stay focus on prospecting 3 people a day.

1. sponsor
2. Get them started right
3. Sponsor more

Real secret to recruit

Sponsor lots of reps and get them started right and teach them to sponsor a lot.

Lets learn what we can and master it.

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Once upon a time, setting up a business meant opening up a shop somewhere where you could be sure that customers would come to see you.

You needed to order stock and keep the shop tidy, well-heated or ventilated, and you needed to always be there.

All of this meant that starting to sell would be preceded by weeks, even months of extremely diligent work, and with no guarantee of success anyone looking to set up a business would often decide that, on balance, the risk was too big.

Now those problems are things of the past, and the potential businessperson can get things up and running very quickly.

The thing about “bricks and mortar” businesses is that they relied a lot on location and the other factors mentioned above.

By going electronic, your sales room can be a small study under your stairs and your customers can be anybody.

There is plenty of technology available which allows you to process payments electronically from a customer’s credit card or online banking facility.

But even if you are not in a position to do this, you can set up a PayPal account and do your selling on eBay.

Scarcely any initial outlay for you, and potential for the money to come flowing in with scarcely any delay.

And now you can do business in your pajamas at 1.30am. so many of the obstacles to someone hoping to make a way in the business world have been removed, and it is all thanks to the Internet.

Attraction marketing skills would apply if you had a brick and mortar business.

You want to attract customers to your place of business to buy.

Advertising, word of mouth, blogging etc..

Setting up a system to let people know you are in business and what you have to offer that can solve their want, needs and/or desires.

Marketing on the internet has made it easy to get the word out.

There is no need to chase people down physically.

You want to draw them to your business locations through whatever system you have and engage with the public on a consistent basis.

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