Saturday, July 24, 2021

Are You Using Video Streaming As Part Of Your Marketing Strategy?


Video streaming is being used by many marketers.

You can conference in to  hundred vendors or affiliates in your company without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

Keep your company up to date on new products, company policies, changes and appreciations.

Have your guests to register for free gift at the  end of webinar.  By doing so they will receive a thank you gift.

This alerts you,  the vendor as to the effectiveness of the webinar and allows them to make note of the most responsive affiliates.

That webinar can be archived for anyone that could not attend the live video stream

You can also make the webinar an interactive experience by allowing emails to be sent live during the webinar from attendees.

If you have a slightly more sophisticated setup you could take land-line, cell or VoIP phone calls from valued affiliates.

Doing an interactive webinar you can answer a multitude of questions that will result in fewer questions following the webinar.

The use of video streaming is a growing phenomenon with so many different positive applications.

Video streaming provides opportunities for individuals to share footage of their products, business or self to help tell your story.You have the ability to share music and entertainment with video streams.

Television shows can be downloaded.

Big businesses are using video stream technology effectively to build their business.


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