Saturday, July 24, 2021

5 Ways To Get Targeted Traffic To Your Website



All traffic when it comes to internet marketing is not good traffic for your business.
It makes sense drawing people to your business who are not interested or looking for what you have to offer is a waste of time.
When you are promoting a specific product or service you want to put it in front of those who are most likely to buy that particular product or service.  
Promoting or advertising your business is very important.
Advertising to a targeted audience generates traffic and possibly a high conversion rate.
How to generate traffic you want?  See below: 

1.  Use Keywords and Key Phrases

2.  Utilize Social Networking to help spread the word

3.   Use RSS Feeds on your sites

4.  Write Quality Content  and / or Articles

5. Website that is Simple and User-friendly

Taking your time to do the steps above should bring you a surmountable amount of quality traffic to start.






 Do you need a domain for your business.  I highly recommend Websitesgetit. 



Are you looking for targeted leads for your business try Carnival clicks to advertise your business.


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