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2 Blog Tips To Be A Successful Blogger


Ray Higdon give us 2 Blog Tips to be successful bloggers.


To see results in your business you must make a decision that you are going to keep going until you see the success you want in your business.

So, what does it take to see success in your business?

Granted depending on the type of business you have it can be different for each business owner, but there are basics that everyone need to see any type of success in business.

In the blog post below Ray Higdon gives us 2 blog tips to be a successful bloggers and you can use these work ethics in any online business.


2 Blog “Truths” To Extract Leads, Sales, Reps, & Profits From Your Blog (from a 7-Figure Blogger)

In today’s blog post I asked Ray Higdon to give us 2 Blog “Truths” to help YOU get real results from your blogging efforts.And the reason I wanted to ask Ray this question is simple: Ray processes 40-73 Transaction Sales PER DAY from his blog! Not leads, but SALES! Imagine that!Ray knows a few things about getting results from blogging, and obviously we want YOU to get results from your blogging efforts!

So I wanted to make sure you get some of that special insider “Higdon” intel on how to create a blog that actually produces results for YOUR business. Cool? Let’s dive in together…

Get More Leads, Close More Sales, Sign-Up More Reps, and Profit with YOUR Blog

Brian: Can you give us 2 Blog “Truths” to Help Our Bloggers Get More Leads, Close Sales, Sign-Up Reps, and Make Money with their blog?

Ray: #1 you must have a plan for CONSISTENCY.

Ray: #2 you need think in a 2-step process.

Most people think in 1 step… meaning they post their sales page or capture page on social media, they drop a link to their product, etc.

Think 2-Steps! Before you do that… educate people.

There’s a quote out there from the co-founder of Basecamp Jason Fried…

“Out-Teach Your Competition.”

Ray: That’s what we’ve done… we’ve just created more teachable content and education than most of our competition. And that’s why we’ve done so well in our space. We are typically rolling out content on a daily basis, and once you do it for a while it’s really not that difficult.

Another key quote from Ray in this interview was this:

“If I evaluated my success on how many leads and sales I generated in my first few months of blogging, I never would have continued. But now we literally can’t turn it off.”

Pretty scary to think what Ray’s life would be like today if he quit blogging his first few months because he didn’t see microwave results…

But Ray had a bigger vision… he knew that providing consistent, valuable content to his people would eventually set his family financially free. He made the decision to blog, and he never quit.

What are YOU committed to? Are you ready to step up YOUR game?

The 2 Big Takeaways on how to get more leads, sales, reps, and profits from your blog:

1) Be More Consistent

2) Think 2-Step (educate THEN call-to-action)

Ray: Grab onto the idea of out-teaching your competition. Create more content than the rest of the people out there, and you’re going to build an absolute loyal following.


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