Wednesday, August 4, 2021

10 Quick Tips To Get More Done With Less Stress



It is easy to get stress working at home or on a 9 to 5 job.

Stress is the cause of many illnessess.

To stay stress less it is important to find ways to deal with those issues that cause you stress.

It is difficult to state all things that give people stress so we will cover ten (10) tips how to get more done with less stress.

Can stress be manageable?  Yes, it certainly can.  It maybe easier for some than others but we are going to cover some basic ways to deal with some causes.

With the internet it is easy to search for various tips to be more productive.

Here we will look at some of the easiest and the most effective:

  • Get plenty of rest the night before
  • In the morning drink a glass of water or a glass of smooth green tea.
  • Organize your emails to go into certain categories as they are emailed to you.  Make sure you have a junk mail.  There is a way to manage emails in Gmail.  Allow yourself an amount of time to do emails and don’t go over that time.
  • Organize and set times for other tasks as well such as home tasks and business tasks.  Range from easy to more difficult.  Most people will do the easy tasks and get them out the way.  That is okay just don’t let a lot of easy tasks take up all your time until you have no time to do other productive work.  I like to take difficult tasks and set aside a special day just for difficult tasks and work on it until it is done.  Having a calendar would be very helpful in keeping your tasks organize.  Set a timer if you have to before beginning each task.
  • If possible try rising a little earlier in the mornings to start your day
  • Give yourself a pat on the back when you finish a task.
  • Another one: leave one task half-finished when you leave work. We hate unfinished business and this will compel you to start right away the next day.
  • Want to keep yourself productive and optimistic? Try using a positive affirmation as your online password!
  • Do not try to multitask.  Multitasking can sometimes be unproductive and very stressful.
  • Always focus on the “why” of what you’re doing. If you remember why it matters and you think about your long-term goals, then you’ll be far more likely to stay focused.
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